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Published: 15th July 2010
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Orbital welding is Automatic Tungsten inert gas welding. It eliminates chances of manual errors in welding. It produces identical welds for hundred of times hence accuracy in welding.

The Physics of the GTAW Process:

The orbital welding process uses the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process (GTAW) as the source of the electric arc that melts the base material and forms the fusion weld. The metal to be welded is melted by the intense heat of the arc and fuses together.

Reasons for Using Orbital Welding Equipment

There are many reasons for using orbital welding equipment. The ability to make high quality, consistent welds repeatedly at a speed close to the maximum weld speed offer many benefits to the user:

Productivity. An orbital welding system will drastically outperform manual welders, producing identical welds hundreds of times as per set program.

Quality. The quality of a weld created by an orbital welding system with the correct weld program will be superior to that of manual welding. In applications such as semiconductor or pharmaceutical tube welding, orbital welding is the only means to reach the weld quality requirements. It eliminates chances of manual errors in welding. It produces identical welds for hundred of times hence accuracy in welding.

Consistency. Once a weld program has been established an orbital welding system can repeatedly perform the same weld hundreds of times, eliminating the normal variability, inconsistencies, errors and defects of manual welding.

Orbital welding systems may be used in applications where a tube or pipe to be welded cannot be rotated or where rotation of the part is not practical.

Orbital welding equipments may be used in applications where access space restrictions limit the physical size of the welding device. Weld heads may be used in rows of boiler tubing where it would be difficult for a manual welder to use a welding torch or view the weld joint.

Many other reasons exist for the use of orbital equipment over manual welding. Examples are applications where inspection of the internal weld is not practical for each weld created. By making a sample weld coupon that passes certification, the logic holds that if the sample weld is acceptable, that successive welds created by an automatic machine with the same input parameters should also be of same quality.

Industries and Applications for Orbital Welding

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Semiconductor Industry

  • Aerospace

  • Boiler Tube

  • Food, Dairy and Beverage Industries

  • Nuclear Piping

  • Offshore Applications

  • We undertake turnkey orbital welding jobs with supply of world class fittings and tubing / piping. We also undertake subcontracting jobs for orbital welding.

    We have our own 5 state of the art Orbital welding machines. More machines are available on requirement. The welding machines are microprocessor based with weld documentation facility. We have 30 well trained orbital welders with vast experience. So far we have installed around 300 Kilometers of tubing with orbital welding. We use only genuine electrodes / consumables as specified by manufacturer so that quality of the weld will be identical. All the support equipments like tube facing machines, flow measurement devices, etc are from world class manufacturers.

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